They say everything’s bigger in Texas, which apparently includes sarcastic disdain for out-of-state lawyers who deign to send cease and desist letters into the Lone Star State. What may be the latest Internet viral sensation in the legal community comes courtesy of Scott Metzger, CEO of Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas.  

As you can see below, Mr. Metzger did not take kindly to a C&D letter sent to him by an as-of-yet-unidentified attorney for another brewer (rumored to be Steelhead Brewery in Oregon), who alleged that Freetail had infringed upon its “HOPASAURUS REX” trademark. Metzger gets the last laugh, thanks to that great leveler of playing fields, the Internet (the crudely-drawn picture at the end is priceless).

This letter, which may become as popular as Kentucky Judge Martin Sheehan’s folksy order or Austin Federal Judge Sam Sparks’ infamous “kindergarten party” order, should serve as a reminder for those of us who would rather not be remembered as the sap who picked this fight.