Kenneth Vanko, Russell Beck and I have completed our eighth Fairly Competing Podcast, “Has the Time Come for a Federal Trade Secrets Statute?” 

In Episode 8, Russell, Ken and I discuss the need for a federal statute for civil claims of trade secret theft.  The Fairly Competing team discusses the proposed Protecting American Trade Secrets and Innovation Act (PATSIA), which would amend the Economic Espionage Act to allow private parties to sue for the theft of their trade secrets.  We also talk about whether the proposed statute should be modified and confined to instances of international trade secret misappropriation and whether the ex parte seizure order under the statute should exist in its present form.

You can listen to the podcast by going to the Fairly Competing website or clicking the link below. Or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  (As always, we’d appreciate your feedback).

If you are looking for more on the proposed federal legislation, see our posts here, here, here and here.

Our next podcast will address the recent conviction of David Nosal, the former Korn/Ferry International executive, under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.

Listen to the episode here.