On January 1, 2024, California officially began exporting its ban on noncompetes, nonsolicits, broad confidentiality agreements, and likely no-recruits to the rest of the country.

As Russell Beck has written, in September and October, California passed two laws that together will: (1) expand the scope of California’s ban on employee noncompetes and other restrictive covenants; (2) export California’s law to void contracts between non-California residents signed outside of California; (3) require companies to provide notice to their employees and certain former employees that their noncompetes are void; and (4) impose penalties for violations. According to the legislation, “California’s public policy against restraint of trade law trumps other state laws . . . .” 

In this episode, JohnBen, and Russell discuss California’s new laws, what the laws purport to do, and what companies can do to limit the impact of the new laws.

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And if you’re interested in hearing more on this legislation, here is a link to a brainstorming session on the new laws with over 40 of the leading trade secret / restrictive covenant / employee mobility lawyers from around the country: Responding to California’s New, Expanded, Anti Restrictive Covenant Laws.

Preparing for California’s newly expanded noncompete ban and anti-restrictive covenant laws
(Episode 23)